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ReviewSnack offers its services on the most popular review platforms for users and the most recognized by merchants.

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Your e-reputation has a direct impact on the performance of your websites. Your potential customers are sensitive to the comments of other internet users, which influences their purchasing decision.

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of consumers consult reviews before purchasing online or in-store.

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Our reviews are not automated, they are published by native internet users, from their device and email address. Our posts are totally undetectable and guaranteed.

Here's how reviews are published at ReviewSnack

We handle the writing

Comments written by our operators.

We have dedicated operators who take care of writing comments related to your business. They are formulated with a natural appearance and vary in length and spelling to reflect a real user experience.

Our operators are located in your target country and are trained in writing. Each comment is unique and can be written in the language of your choice.

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We do not practice automation

Natural publications by humans.

Our reviews are published by real internet users from their email address and personal device. Each publication is posted using different methods, from a computer, a smartphone, different browsers, on Wi-Fi or 4G, and from various cities.

The posted reviews comply with the rules and algorithms of the platforms, they are totally undetectable and remain online indefinitely.

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